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Visualize the risks through the various silos of the organization to take advantage of the newest technology to thwart off the hackers. Protect the critical assets and digital data throughout the company by implementing the proper protection mechanisms.

Products & Applications

Products & Applications


MSSPs & System Integrators

Compliance & Audit

Compliance, Audit, & Law Firms

Value-Add Resellers

Value-Add Resellers


Security Automation & GRC

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

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ArcLight Information Technology

Mesta Machine

Metis Security

BARR Advisory


Liberty Digital Security

Privalis Group

Secured Network Services

Atlantic Data Security
Project Datasafe

Aberrant Risk Advisors

Value-Add Resellers

Be able to understand clients risk to sell products and services to the decision makers efficiently. Streamline the process between the CFO and CISO by giving the awareness to the customer to their holistic enterprise risk for efficient buying power.

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Security Automation and GRC

Integrate your data with ours to provide a robust platform to the client around their vulnerabilities within the humans, technology, and information security program.

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Threat Intelligence

Integrate your Indicators of compromise into the data to allow the client to keep one step ahead of the threats. Sector specific, technology specific, or product specific are all perfect in the eyes of Vulsec.

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Products & Applications

Vulsec wants to integrate your device or product into our autonomous workflow that consistently discovers and correlates risks within clients.

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MSSPs and System Integrators

Keep open minded throughout the process to allow more ways in continuously discovering risk within the organization.

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Compliance, Audit, and Law Firms

Be a part of the Vulsec ecosystem to provide the checks and balances between the law and the reality of an organization. Become a partner to provide Global data privacy information, data classification requirements, or industry specific regulations.

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What Makes Vulsec Unique?

Vulsec attacks security risk from a technology standpoint instead of a policy standpoint. By doing so allows us to verify that the infrastructure in place is beholding to the policies that should protect an organization. By incorporating our digital security platform, automated risk discovery, and strong partner network with our methodology we provide a full-service solution to ensure your organization is secure.

Management Team

Andrew Ostashen

Founder & CEO

Rochester Institute of Technology
Bachelors Information Security & Forensics
Minor Business Administration & Psychology

Conducted 200+ Clients with Penetration Testing, Risk Assessments, and Quantifying Risk.

InfraGard Member
Eagle Scout

Peter Ostashen

Co-founder & CTO

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Bachelors Networking Administration

Protecting a global infrastructure from hackers for over 10 years.

InfraGard Member
Eagle Scout

Andrew DeAngelis

Vice President of Product

Bentley University
Bachelors Corporate Finance & Accounting

Automation of workflow within multiple departments to allow streamlining of data and correlation of machines.

General Assembly – Machine Learning

Case Studies

Ad Tech company had an employee problem

The company did not have proper leadership within information security and departments were not working as a cohesive company. Vulsec acted as the CISO to bridge the gap between Corporate IT and Production IT.

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Saved critical infrastructure from the humans

Discover risks from humans, technology, and the information security program. Digitized the Information Security program next to the Risk assessments to create a blueprint for remediation.

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30 Newbury Street, 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02116

Security Innovation Center

745 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02111

West Coast

535 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94105

About Us

Vulsec assesses your organization from an agnostic standpoint to discover, correlate, and mitigate risk. We bring in experience from all industries within the United States and internationally to apply global data privacy laws to protect the company. We create the blueprint that maps risks to solutions to correlate against our CISO marketplace to facilitate the most efficient remediation tactic.

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30 Newbury Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02116

Phone: (617) 648-9815

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Automate risk assessments by continuously scanning the infrastructure with commercial tools and the Vulsec methodology. Assess the Internet for corporate risk, Internal infrastructure, Active Directory, Virtual Environments, and Network devices consistently.

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