Identify your organization’s vulnerabilities in less than 10 minutes.

Digital Information Security Program backed by a CISO marketplace.

Domain Names

Domains related to the organization are used to search the internet and compile information about the company. Discover domains that can be used in phishing attacks or sending spam against your company. 

IP Addresses

Asset details from the domain search are used to identify software and other pertinent information that could lead to vulnerabilities. Discover what the internet knows about your networks.

Company Email

Emails from the domain search are run through tools to discover if the accounts have been apart of a breach. Identify unique email and passwords that are available on the internet for hackers to use in attacks against you.

Social Monitoring

The organization name is run through an additional search to discover employees and employee information related to the company. What are people saying about you in public and underground hacker forums? 

Discover Risk

Organizational risk is collected from Security Management Platform automated risk updates as well as internal findings. Learn what assets are increasing your risk and the steps needed to remediate them.

Generate Assessment

Create assessments for areas of the organization to perform risk discovery. No more PDFs use the SMP to create reports and clarify the risk in your environment and track remediation efforts.

Identify Solution

Utilize the CISO marketplace and verified solutions to identify the best way for an organization to remediate risk. No cookie cutter options here, discover opportunities that are custom to your organization with the unique challenges that you face.

Track Progress

Once employees have been assigned to a finding, track the status of each outcome and the overall assessment progress. Tracking risk remediation ensures that your findings are identified with active remediation happening to ensure the company has enough employees hours for efficient remediation efforts.

CISO Marketplace

Access a variety of vendors selling products and services with transparent pricing and successful track records. Get the solutions you need from vendors that you can trust. By doing so is the first step to developing a successful risk mitigation strategy.