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Company Monitoring

Oversee infrastructure and employee risk of one or more companies you would like to monitor.

Asset Tracking

Track corporate assets that are configured on the internet with vulnerabilities.

Employee Discovery

Identify employee information that is exposed on the internet and how it could impact your organization.

How it Works

Domain Names

Domains related to the organization are used to search the internet and compile information related to the company.

Company Email

Emails from the domain search are run through tools to discover if the accounts have been involved in a breach.

IP Addresses

Asset details from the domain search are used to identify software and other pertinent information that could lead to vulnerabilities.

Social Monitoring

The organization name is run through an additional search to discover employees, and employee information, related to the company.

Infrastructure Risks

IP Data Scan the internet to discover IPs. Go layer by layer through the asset to the port, the products running on the port, and the potential vulnerabilities related to the products.

IP Risk Analytical breakdowns show high risk assets within the organization and which tools are discovering them. Turn on active scanning to retrieve more detail related to the targeted asset.

Pathway to Vulnerabilities Visual layouts of the IP and the pathway to the vulnerabilities within the it. Follow the trail from the IP down to the vulnerabilities or from the vulnerability to every IP it affects.

Read more on how we are integrating threat intelligence into Halogen.

Social Risks

Scan the internet to discover emails. Each email is checked for any breach related to the account, which could indicate compromised passwords and usernames.

Social Media
Discovery social media accounts related to employees within the organization.

An employee profile is created from the information gathered from emails and social media accounts. Find out what the internet knows about your employees and how it could impact your organization.

Portfolio Monitoring

Add an entire portfolio of companies to be monitored and scanned. See high level results in the dashboard to assess the overall security health of portfolio.

Portfolio Risk
Graphical breakdowns of the portfolio show the high risk companies and industries. After identifying the risky organizations go into their dashboards to assess the assets exposing the company.

Technology Partners

Open Source Intelligence

 RiskIQ  TreatCrowd   Censys Shodan

Active Scanning

Delve Labs

Employee Risks

HBIP     Lucy

Dark Web Monitoring

ID Agent

Cloud Environment


What Makes Vulsec Unique?

Vulsec attacks security risk from a technology standpoint instead of a policy standpoint. Doing so allows us to verify that the infrastructure in place is beholding to the policies that should protect an organization. By incorporating our digital security platform, automated risk discovery, and strong partner network with our methodology we provide a full-service solution to ensure your organization is secure.

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About Us

Vulsec assesses your organization from an agnostic standpoint to discover, correlate, and mitigate risk. We bring in experience from all industries within the United States and internationally to apply global data privacy laws to protect the company. We create the blueprint that maps risks to solutions to correlate against our CISO marketplace to facilitate the most efficient remediation tactic.

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Automate risk assessments by continuously scanning the infrastructure with commercial tools and the Vulsec methodology. Assess the Internet for corporate risk, Internal infrastructure, Active Directory, Virtual Environments, and Network devices consistently.

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