Energy Process

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Find Your Risk

Identify the risks within your Energy company and portfolio through our SMP and SLC.

  • What kind of risks can be discovered through opensource intelligence of our energy facilities? 

  • Does my energy company conduct external penetration tests? 

  • Does my energy company conduct social engineering assessments? 

Allow the IT and security teams of the companies to identify and manage risks from one location while having oversight from the energy portfolio. 

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Digital Information Security Program

Track and quantify the risk with the energy company throughout our SMP allowing oversight into outstanding risks.

  • What compliance and regulations requirements do our portfolio companies have to follow? 

  • Has a portfolio ever been compromised and what were implications? nbsp;

  • What kind of technology are our portfolio companies using for security protection? 

Understand the needs of the companies around risks, budgets, and staffing to ensure information security is top of mind. 

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Continuous Oversight

Provide the oversight needed to your portfolio companies to stay ahead of threats, hackers, and NERC CIP/TSA regulations.

  • Does the energy company have a CISO communicating with the board and investors? 

  • Does the energy company provide an additional budget or technology savings for their portfolio? 

  • Does the energy company hold regular meetings with the security contacts within each portfolio to share technical knowledge? 

Bridge communications throughout portfolio companies to provide the necessary needs and wants throughout.  This will allow for decreased budget, increased efficiency, and stronger defenses. 

Company Subsidiary Protection

Assess multiple facilities or subsidiaries for information security risks for employee risks, technology risks, physical security risks. 

IoT Assessment

Analyze the deployed internet of things devices throughout the network or the devices that are deployed within the field. 

SCADA Assessment

Assess the SCADA network for best practices that will ensure the environment is ahead of cybersecurity threats and following best practices. 

Compliance Requirements

Assess the organization to keep ahead of government regulations like TSA or NERC CIP and implement within the information security program. 

Physical Social Engineering

Stay ahead of the physical security risks of locations that are remote but have SCADA and interconnected technology for the environment. 

Orchestrate your Information Security Program TRY IT NOW

Find The Data. Protect The Data.

Digitize your information security program through continuous assessments against the organization. 

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Identify and Manage Risks

Manage portfolio risks from OSINT, External, and employees risks while managing the entire portfolio through a single pane of glass with our SMP. 

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Portfolio Team Onboarding

Onboard the entire team (IT, Security, Finance, Legal) and manage the entire risk profile for portfolio company through our SMP. 

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CISO Marketplace

Access a variety of vendors selling products and services with transparent pricing and successful track records. Map these solutions directly to the risks identified. 


Build an information security program for your energy company to stay ahead of cyber threats and NERC CIP regulations. Incorporate technology to help streamline the discovery and remediation techniques. Offer this robust solution to portfolio companies to continuously gain insights into their risks. 

Sign up and learn more:

  • Does my energy company have a CISO or technical experience that speaks with the board or investors?
  • Has any of our portfolio been breached before? 
  • Do we provide oversight and knowledge to our portfolio from our energy company? 
  • What does the NERC CIP require of our energy company around portfolio information security?