Partnering With Us

Visualize your risks through the various silos of the organization to take advantage of the newest technology to thwart off the hackers. Protect the critical assets and digital data throughout the company by implementing the proper protection mechanisms.

Threat Intelligence
Integrate your custom Indicators of compromise into the data.  Allow the client to stay one step ahead of the latest threats. Sector-specific, technology specific, or product specific indicators are all perfect in the eyes of Vulsec.
Security Automation & GRC
Save time cross-mapping risk and findings from within the SMP. Envision a digital Information Security Program that gets rid of your excel, word, and PDF documents. 
CISO Marketplace
Value-Add Resellers
Through our CISO Marketplace within the SMP, quantify your clients’ risk to efficiently sell products and solutions directly to the decision maker. Streamline the process between the CFO and CISO by giving the power of awareness to the customer.
MSSPs & System Integrators
Create a blueprint from a cost-benefit analysis through SMP to integrate the most efficient products & solutions. Increase expertise on staff for specific projects to reduce risks efficiently and cost-effective.
Compliance, Audit, & Law Firms
Be a part of the Vulsec ecosystem and provide the checks and balances between the law and the reality of operations at an organization. Become a partner to provide Global data privacy information, data classification requirements, or industry-specific regulations.
Products & Applications
Vulsec wants to integrate your device or product into our autonomous workflow. Our workflow consistently discovers and correlates risks for our clients. Let our SMP become the security data aggregation system for the client by hooking into our API. Streamline the Software Development Life Cycle or Security Orchestration Product.
View our current technology and service partners CISO Marketplace
Bring your companies expertise, partner with us protecting organizations from digital threats.

By being a partner, utilize our software platform in protecting your current clients, generate new revenue streams for your organization, and gain awareness of new opportunities surrounding your core business values. 

Become a partner and learn more:

  • Marketing opportunities for new and current clients.
  • Dedicated partner page for your business offerings on Vulsec website.
  • Access to Vulsec security management platform for lead generation. 
  • Get your solutions mapped to findings within the CISO marketplace
  • Offer Security services to current and new clients.