Digital Information Security Program backed by a CISO marketplace.

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CISO Marketplace

Access a variety of vendors selling products and services with transparent pricing and success track records.

Continuous Monitoring

Always have the most up to date status of your organization’s risk profile.

Security Gamification

Promote speedy risk mitigation by identifying areas of employee interest.

How it Works

Generate Assessment

Create assessments for areas of the organization to perform risk discovery.

Identify Solution

Utilize the CISO marketplace and verified solutions to identify the best way for an organization to remediate risk.

Discover Risk

Organization risk is compiled from Halogen’s automated risk updates as well as internal findings.

Track Progress

Once employees have been assigned to a finding, track the status of each finding and the overall assessment progress.


Generate assessments for specific areas and applications of the organization, anything from Password Policy to Cloud Infrastructure.

Assign employees to specific findings, whether its a “need to know” basis or a critical area that requires additional staff.

Automated Data
Populate assessments with findings from Halogen, which provides continuous automated risk discovery.


Budget Spend
Analyze the total number of findings within the organization to calculate budget spend.

Risk Reduction
Prioritize risk reduction by who is assigned, the status, risk score, or financial impact on the business.

Industry Standards
Track findings against standards like NIST, SANS, DREAD, OWASP, HIPAA, and SEC.


Suggested Solutions
Self-learning blueprint provides solutions that have worked with organizations in similar and different industries for a particular problem.

Budget Alignment
Calculate the cost of different solutions to efficiently remediate issues while staying within your budget.

Market Transparency
Clearly defined pricing for products and services with a success track record for the listing vendor.

What Makes Vulsec Unique?

Vulsec attacks security risk from a technology standpoint instead of a policy standpoint. Doing so allows us to verify that the infrastructure in place is beholding to the policies that should protect an organization. By incorporating our digital security platform, automated risk discovery, and strong partner network with our methodology we provide a full-service solution to ensure your organization is secure.

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About Us

Vulsec assesses your organization from an agnostic standpoint to discover, correlate, and mitigate risk. We bring in experience from all industries within the United States and internationally to apply global data privacy laws to protect the company. We create the blueprint that maps risks to solutions to correlate against our CISO marketplace to facilitate the most efficient remediation tactic.

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Automate risk assessments by continuously scanning the infrastructure with commercial tools and the Vulsec methodology. Assess the Internet for corporate risk, Internal infrastructure, Active Directory, Virtual Environments, and Network devices consistently.

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